Investment Strategy

Asset class: retail real estate in Central Europe

Minimum investment: 1 million EUR

Fund Size: 50 million EUR

Term of the Fund: 5 years

Hurdle rate:  7% per annum

Expected return:  8-10% per annum

Management fee:  0%

Success fee: Differentiated rate

Special aspects


  • Attractive low-risk assets
  • High-speed velocity investments
  • Liquidity

Market opportunities in the segment of medium-sized commercial real estate

  • The average size of investment in one property piece is 3-8 million EUR
  • Focus on deals that are too small for large funds, and too big for private investors
  • Differentiation through reputational assets and high probability of closing deals

Focus on markets  with growth potential

  • Presence of strong fundamental growth factors
  • Low market saturation
  • Dynamic environment